Advance Praise for

Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours

Ivan Van Laningham

Below are a few selected advance notices, chosen from hundreds of other similar comments.  Modesty forces me to remind the reader that these are unsolicited comments.
Would take 36 ½ hours if it took a day.  Obviously, the author’s interest in time is purely theoretical.
—Audrey Thompson, famous author of Pythonettes:  The Little-Known Story of Computer Road Shows,  expert stationary bicyclist, and wife of Ivan Van Laningham
Having been “in” on the Python book from the very beginning (I am the author’s Mother-in-Law and was right there Johnny at the rathole when the story had its instigation).  However, it has been 10 long fruitless years and very little material has come my way.  Finally upon receiving the manuscript I tore open the wrapping with baited breath.  Imagine my surprise when I found that after 24 hours I not only did not understand the Python language—somehow mixed rather colorfully with the Mayan language and culture—I did not understand any sentences at all except for several pointed references to Mayan sexuality and strange eating habits.  I can only worry for the poor  hapless purchaser.
—Marian Thompson
As a Maya and Python expert, it has been my pleasure to play a significant role in this book’s execution.  The author has managed laudable work on the subject and I should know.
—Barbara Thompson
Here is the one Python reference that you have been looking for.  Starting from the beginning, this book takes you all the way through to the end.  With scores of invaluable tips, tricks, and techniques, Teach Yourself Python in 24 hours is the reference you will turn to again and again in search of practical advice that will help you solve real-life programming problems. If you need to gather input or spew output, this is the one reference that will have you doing it all in 24 exhilarating hours.
—Joseph Gilray (Father of Tommy and Annika, husband of Barb, and author of the forthcoming Elvis Costello and the Princess.)
I didn’t think I could learn a new language in 24 hours!
—Charles E. Thompson, Jr.
She does an excellent job on the animals she wants to paint, but on the animals she does not want to paint she gives little effort. Her heart just isn’t in it! These are [...] merely scribbled on a sheet of paper.
—Marian Thompson
[N.B.  This is actually a review of Annika Gilray’s artwork, not my book, but I thought you would want to know about it anyway.] 
This literary critic found the oeuvre within most interesting.  Compelled to “stay the course” she found that by reading between the lines she was able to decipher just exactly what the author undoubtedly wished to communicate.

Having risen to the occasion, this esteemed person was titillated by the message within.

My accompanying manual, due out in bookstores soon, will provide revealing information essential to the understanding of Teach Yourself Python in 24 hours.
—Barbara Thompson, PhD (for a list of other degrees, titles and merits call my brother Charles E. Thompson, III)

Let me tell you my story.
—Tommy Gilray
Where are the princesses?
—Annika Gilray

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