Author Biography

IvanWhen there was a priesthood of computer operators, Ivan Van Laningham was a member; he helped create the Y2K bug. In college, he was an anthropology major, acquiring a continuing interest in archaeology and archaeoastronomy. He is now a software engineer, but has also served in the Vietnam war, worked for the U.S. Postal Service, been a joat for a mobile home park, obtained his forklift operator’s license, lost his shirt as a luthier and clerked in a bookstore where he worked for his future wife. Since meeting Unix in 1983 when hired as a hardware technician for a company later purchased by Motorola, he has been programming in C, C++, Java and Python for a living. His other computer languages include 1401 Autocoder, COBOL, RPG, Sinclair Basic, PostScript and Lisp. He has been programming in X Windows since X11R2.  His heart has been with Python since encountering Programming Python at the University of British Columbia bookstore. He used to attend the Maya Meetings (http://www.mayavase.com/mayameet.html) in Austin, Texas, a multi-day international conference and workshop on Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing, but has not found it feasible in the last couple of years.

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