Chapter 9

Objects at Rest

If you are uncertain as to the language being used in your class, by all means ask.

—Audrey Thompson


There are no figures for chapter 9.

Example Programs

There are two example programs and a C++ source file for chapter 9:  download chapter9.zip.

  1. now.cpp
  2. now.py
  3. spam1.py


Visit the Object-Oriented FAQ at http://www.objectfaq.com/oofaq2/ for more advanced information on Object-Oriented Programming.  Remember that Python’s OOP facilities are not as tight, or as secure, as some other languages.

Take a look at the types-sig page, at http://www.python.org/sigs/types-sig/, to see what some of the major issues are regarding the removal of the dichotomy between basic data types and user-defined objects.

To compile the now program on Linux, the command line is "g++ -o now now.cpp".

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