Chapter 8

Useful Miscellany

The Equation Editor does not solve equations for you.
—Corel WordPerfect8 Manual


There are no figures for chapter 8.

Example Programs

There is one example program for chapter 8:  download chapter8.zip.


Visit the Functional Programming FAQ.

Look for some debugging information at the Python Web site.

For more information on format specifiers, an excellent reference book is C:  A Reference Manual, by Harbison and Steele.  Now in its fifth edition, this has been a standard since it first appeared.  While not about Python, it does contain important material related to Python, as several ideas, such as the format specifiers, were lifted directly from C.  It also contains hints on how to write a program to demonstrate all combinations of all character codes and all the flags that go with them.

Rewrite the look() function in the first section of this chapter to include try ... except to make the code simpler.

A full list of all Python’s built in exceptions can be found at http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-exceptions.html.

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