Chapter 7

Functions and Modules

Readability Counts.

—Tim Peters


There are no figures for chapter 7.

Example Programs

There are four example programs for chapter 7:  download chapter7.zip.

  1. leap.py
  2. leap2.py
  3. ly.py
  4. name.py

Klingon programmers?  Visit http://public.logica.com/~stepneys/joke/klingon.htm.


See http://www.s-direktnet.de/homepages/neumann/sprachen.htm for a sample “Hello, World!” program in assembler.  You won’t be fooled into thinking it’s Python.

For more information on calendars, a good place to start is http://www.calendarzone.com/.  The calendar FAQ is to be found at http://www.tondering.dk/claus/calendar.html where it is maintained by Claus Tonderling.

You can find out more about UNIX shells, and why longjmp() is sometimes necessary, in Marc J. Rochkind’s book from Prentice-Hall, Advanced UNIX Programming. While the book does require knowledge of C, if you perservere with it you, too, can write your own shell.

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