Chapter 23

The Mandelbrot Set

It is difficult to include trees and coyotes in a bibliography.

—Georgia Johnson


The Mandelbrot Set
Figure 1.
The complex plane
Figure 2.
Running mandelbrot2.py
Figure 3.
Use button images
Figure 4.
Preparing to zoom in, 5.55 to one
Figure 5.
Zooming in
Figure 6.
Julia set for (-0.778,-0.1515j)
Figure 7.
Preparing to zoom
Figure 8.
Figure 9.

Example Programs

There are several example programs for chapter 23:  download chapter23.zip.

  1. ctest.py
  2. mandelbrot2.py
  3. ctest2.py
  4. colormap.py
  5. hls2rgb.py
  6. julia2.py
  7. mandelbrot.py


A fun page combining the Planck constants and googolplexes can be found at http://www.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/~fp/Tools/GetAGoogol.html.

For more information on Mandelbrot sets, see:

For more information on computer graphics, the generally acknowledged bible is: Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Second Edition in C by James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner and John F. Hughes. Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0201848406.

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