Chapter 2

The Python Interpreter

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System Properties dialog showing system path
Figure 1.
Modifying your autoexec.bat
Figure 2.
Starting the interpreter in a DOS box
Figure 3.
Basic math
Figure 4.
Running helloworld.py
Figure 5.
Starting IDLE
Figure 6.

Example Programs

There is one example program from this hour:  download chapter2.zip.


Play with the interpreter by running it in a DOS box; play with IDLE. See if you can find differences in the way each behaves.

Vist the Python home page, www.python.org, and find the mailing list page. Sign up for the Tutor mailing list. I’m on it, and many more knowledgable people are too.

We’re all there just to answer your questions and help you get over the “speed bumps” of learning Python. When you can snatch the pebble from our hands, it will be time for you to leave, Grasshopper.

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