Chapter 15

The Laboratory, Part II

Blank Lines are no Good.

—Natalie Goldberg


Running fixhash.py -r
Figure 1.
Running fixhash.py
Figure 2.
Sample documentation for the fixhash module
Figure 3.

Example Programs

There are several example programs for chapter 15:  download chapter15.zip.

  1. fixhash.1.py
  2. fixhash.2.py
  3. fixhash.3.py
  4. fixhash.4.py
  5. fixhash4.py
  6. fixhash.py
  7. testhash.py


Add another command line option to testhash.py to enable users to turn on or off the verbose variable. You might want to take a look at the getargs module, which can be found at Software, near the bottom of the page. It’s fully documented, of course:; see getargs.html.

Search for modules and Python code using the Python search engine: http://www.python.org/search/.

Join one of the Python mailing lists, if you have not already done so, at http://www.python.org/psa/MailingLists.html.

If you’re interested in testing software, perhaps the best book I know of is Brian Marick’s The Craft of Software Testing. Prentice-Hall, 1999.

Brian has an unusual viewpoint and a lively writing style. At the very least, read Brian’s revealing paper, “Classic Testing Mistakes,” which can be found at http://www.testing.com/writings.html (not quite halfway down). Check out Brian’s Web site for more testing references: http://www.testing.com/.

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