Chapter 11

OOP Concepts

Throw the big part.

Introduction to Grenade Throwing


Documentation strings
Figure 1.

Example Programs

There are several example programs for chapter 11:  download chapter11.zip.

  1. bunch.py
  2. namespace.py
  3. nesting.py
  4. now0.py
  5. now.py
  6. today.py
  7. todays.py


Write a replacement mktime() routine.  As a hint for a direction to take, search the web for Julian Day and Joseph Justus Scaliger.  Another possible starting point is Peter Meyer’s Calendar pages, which can be found at http://www.hermetic.ch/index.php.

Only marginally related to Python and the concepts presented in this chapter, the article found at this link, http://www.trollope.org/scheme.html, “High School Computing:  The Inside Story” is fascinating and telling.  If you subsitute “Python” for “Scheme” in the text, the article’s point strikes a little closer to home.

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